09 Right off the bat, I can't help but be amazed that David Coverdale and Joan Jett share a birthday upcoming on the 22nd. Also on the docket ... Gary Cherone is releasing a new CD from his band Tribe of Judah. Two other members of Extreme will also be on there. Gotta look that up for a sound clip to see what vein the music is in. The Doors are re-uniting ... there is no God.

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Speaking of reunions, one of my fave 80s bands, Rough Cutt, is playing a reunion show at West Hollywood's Viper Room on 10/21. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to make it out there to see it. Never saw these guys live back in the day. This is the complete lineup of the band that recorded two albums (plus a pseudo-reunion CD ... plus an archived Live CD). Paul Shortino is and always will be one of the best hidden treasures of heavy metal. As an added temptation to get me out to West Hollywood, the band is opening for Metal Shop, which is an 80s spoof band that's getting a lot of run lately. Tempting, so very very tempting. Already priced out the airfare at about $200, hotel for $52 a night. Guarantee I can get into the club? Dunno, but I'm taking a little solace that its a Monday night show.
2 Gary Moore (an underappreciated guitar player if there ever was one) is having a lot of his old albums re-issued in Japan. Hopefully, that means I'll have an easier time finding Corridors of Power, Still Got the Blues and Victims of the Future on CD.